Glamping in North Devon

Glamping at Mill Park is a fantastic way to enjoy the site and local area, but without the hassle of pitching your own Tent or towing your caravan to site, giving you instant access to your dry warm Glamping accommodation so you can start your break immediately. Simply pack your car with everything you would normally bring camping – excluding your accommodation. At Mill Park, you have the choice of two different Glamping options; The Lotus Bell Tent and the Glampods. All our Glamping units have a designated car parking space very close to the Glamping units themselves.

Advantages to Glamping over Tenting

  • Already Set Up when you arrive.
  • More Privacy and security than a tent.
  • No wind whipping or flapping to keep you awake.
  • No putting up and taking down wet tents.
  • A decking area with a picnic table and seating.
  • A guaranteed dry place should the weather get a little damp.
Lotus Bell Tents

Lotus Bell Tents

Our three Lotus Bell Tents are spacious, 5m diameter, high sided Bell tents with a fully insulated liner with a porch, situated upon raised wooden decks with outlooks over the Lake. Our Lotus Bell Tents are named Duck, Owl and Pheasant.

The Lotus Bell Tents all have outlooks across the Lake, with two of the Bell Tents (Duck and Owl) situated a few meters back from the Lake shore, with Pheasant set back about 10 meters from the Lake shore.

All of our Lotus Bell Tents are insulated and powered, supplied with a heater, fridge, kettle, outdoor gas BBQ and outdoor picnic table.

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Our 3 Glampods are located on the East valley ridge of Lake Field overlooking the Lake, with a great private location. The Glampods are insulated wooden structures with lockable doors and windows.

Our Glampods are called Fox, Kingfisher and Hedgehog. Measuring 4m by 2.75m the Glampods come equipped with; lockable door, lights, power, heating, fridge, kettle, gas BBQ and picnic table.

The Glampods are located overlooking the Lake with unobstructed views, and are close to both the Bottom Shower Block and the Dog Walking field.


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